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Phillip Johnson, THW, PSS

Community-Based Services Director


As a Peer Support Specialist, I specialize in mentoring, parenting skills, behavioral redirection, social skills development, conflict resolution, and couples enrichment. As a supervisor, I adopt an inclusive approach, recognizing the unique skill sets of my team members while nurturing areas for growth. Drawing from my experience in peer support work, my supervision style is characterized by collaboration, clarity, and trust-building through transparency.

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"If the personal is not well, the professional usually suffers."

I am a seasoned professional with over 20 years of dedicated service in the field of social work. My extensive background includes roles at organizations such as the Police Activities League and Impact Northwest, where I worked closely with at-risk youth, donors, HR Directors, Program Directors, and Executive Directors. My most recent role was Direct Service Program Manager at Friends of the Children, where I led staff development, supervision of professional mentors, co-led hiring initiatives with HR, and collaborated closely with the Program Director on various projects.


I have attended Warner Pacific College and Portland Community College. I currently hold a Traditional Health Worker (THW) certification in the State of Oregon which allows me to provide services to youth, adults, and families who qualify for OHA benefits. I am able to work with clients in the roles of Peer Support, Family Support, and Youth Support when clients are paired with a mental health clinician. 

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