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Kristy Wells-Owens, MSW, CSWA

Clinical Social Work Associate


I believe to understand another person, one must include the context of culture. Social Services and Therapy work best when one feels seen, connected, respected, and heard. I believe that insight into your patterns can help you make decisions that result in long-lasting change and satisfaction. I pride myself on expanding and transforming the stereotypes related to therapy and social service. I am very passionate about helping others who are not feeling like they are living their best life.

I am a strong advocate, and I am a lifetime learner. I am always learning how to be a stronger clinician to support marginalized populations, including race, gender, and sexual orientation. I strive to provide a safe space/ environment to each person I serve. I am committed to helping clients learn to break generational patterns of trauma & poverty, rewrite their stories, and find their inner voice.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, sometimes cooking, listening to music, reading, and playing board games in my free time.

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"It can be overwhelming to reach out for help and to find a provider that feels like a "good fit." I'm delighted you're here and appreciate the effort it has taken! I am passionate about helping people thrive in their everyday life by harnessing their strengths, learning new tools, or developing boundaries to create greater balance in their life. My approach is holistic, strengths-based, client-focused, and culturally responsive."


I am earning a Master's in Social Work (MSW) with a Disaster and Collective Trauma (DACT) certificate from Tulane University. I previously attended Portland State University, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree, and majored in Social Science. My current trauma program is focused on disasters, community-based trauma, and how we can help a community, that has experienced trauma, to heal.

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