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Meet The Team

Anjana Rajan, MSW

मैं बोलता हूं

"My approach is mostly humanistic. I don’t believe there is a “one-size fits all” approach and I accept the differences from..."

Florence (BW).png
Florence Nzaniye, BA

Nazungumza Kiswahili

"Life is full of stories, and we are authors and narrators of our own stories whether ideal or challenging, these stories are part of..."

Jordyn (BW).png
Jordyn Morales, MSW

"Experiencing trauma or severe life stressors often clouds our ability to differentiate our feelings and emotions. My passion ..."

Kristy (BW).png
Graduate SW   Intern
Kristy Wells-Owens, BA

"It can be overwhelming to reach out for help and to find a provider that feels like a "good fit." I'm delighted you're here and appreciate..."

Patricio (BW).png
Patricio Armendariz, MA

Yo hablo español

"I believe there is power in meeting someone where they are and lending an ear. People are able to change through..."

Phillip (BW).png
Peer Support
Phillip Johnson, THW

Bio coming soon!

Fayanna2 (BW).png
Clinical Supervisor/Trainer
Fayanna Johnson, MSW

"I seek to serve clients from a holistic perspective. You are more than the issue you bring into the counseling office..."

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