About Jordyn Morales, MSW, CSWA


"Experiencing trauma or severe life stressors often clouds our ability to differentiate our feelings and emotions. My passion and goal is to meet you where you’re at so we can not only discuss what your current and/or past experiences are, but what steps can be made to create change."

Approach to Therapy

I work from the following theoretical approaches: Behaviorism and Social Learning Theory, Conflict Theory, Transpersonal Theory, and Attachment Theory. Depending on what your needs are, I would utilize the following types of therapy: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Crisis Intervention Model, and Solution-focused Therapy. However, I believe in constantly broadening my scope of expertise to best serve you!


I have worked as a Crisis Intervention Therapist for the past three years in Oregon. Serving men, women, and children experiencing significant life changes; ultimately causing depression, suicidal and/or homicidal ideations, and/or psychosis. This job entailed working in various settings such as the hospital, court system, community, client’s personal residence, jail, and an office space at the health department. Treatment varied based on their individual needs and consisted of referrals, solution-focused treatment, and trauma-informed care.


I completed two internship placements in Texas and prior to beginning my professional career. The first was at an outpatient day treatment program, working with 5-10 patients in a group setting, for several weeks. My second placement was at an Independent School District with K-12 students, meeting with them for individualized therapy and treatment. Prior to college, I was a Client Advocate for two years at a shelter that housed women and children fleeing domestic violence.

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I am licensed by the State of Oregon as a Clinical Social Worker Associate (CSWA) under supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).     I obtained my Master’s degree in the field of Social Work at Texas A&M University – Commerce.

About Patricio Armendariz, MA


“I believe there is power in meeting someone where they are and lending an ear. People are able to change through empathy and support. They can work toward the life they desire when they are shown compassion for their authentic self. I guide clients in their growth journey and I believe the path we travel through treatment is a shared one. I want to walk alongside you as we discover your inner strengths to face what life throws at you.”

Approach to Therapy

I work from the following theoretical approaches: Person-Centered Theory, Narrative Therapy, Strengths-Based Theory, Emotion-Focused Therapy with Attachment Focused Theory, Family Systems Theory, and Existential Therapy. These theories are utilized in a way that will best fit the therapeutic needs of each client. My philosophy to counseling is that building a strong therapeutic relationship is vital to making us feel brave to take steps towards change.

I am passionate about working with Latinx teens (11 years old and up) and families in addition to working with people who struggle with anger, grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety, communication issues, and/or family conflict.

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I speak Spanish
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I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Lees McRae College in North Carolina. I graduated with a Masters in Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling from George Fox University in Oregon in 2022.

Patricio offers the following additional services:

"It can be overwhelming to reach out for help and to find a provider that feels like a "good fit." I'm delighted you're here and appreciate the effort it has taken! I am passionate about helping people thrive in their everyday life by harnessing their strengths, learning new tools, or developing boundaries to create greater balance in their life. My approach is holistic, strengths-based, client-focused, and culturally responsive."

Approach to Services & Therapy

I believe to understand another person, one must include the context of culture. Social Services and Therapy work best when one feels seen, connected, respected, and heard. I believe that insight into your patterns can help you make decisions that result in long-lasting change and satisfaction. I pride myself on expanding and transforming the stereotypes related to therapy and social service. I am very passionate about helping others who are not feeling like they are living their best life.

I am a strong advocate, and I am a lifetime learner. I am always learning how to be a stronger clinician to support marginalized populations, including race, gender, and sexual orientation. I strive to provide a safe space/ environment to each person I serve. I am committed to helping clients learn to break generational patterns of trauma & poverty, rewrite their stories, and find their inner voice.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, sometimes cooking, listening to music, reading, and playing board games in my free time.

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About Kristy Wells-Owens, BS


I am earning a Master's in Social Work (MSW) with a Disaster and Collective Trauma (DACT) certificate from Tulane University. I previously attended Portland State University, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree, and majored in Social Science. My current trauma program is focused on disasters, community-based trauma, and how we can help a community, that has experienced trauma, to heal.

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About Florence Nzaniye, BA

"Life is full of stories, and we are authors and narrators of our own stories. Whether ideal or challenging, these stories are a part of who we are. They help construct our beliefs, values, and roles in society.  We can change unwanted or undesirable stories and make them fit our current lifestyle. Given a safe and non-judgmental space, people have the ability and strength to work through their problems, find solutions, and change unwanted behaviors."

Approach to Therapy

My theoretical preferences include Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Person-Centered Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I will borrow from other counseling modalities such as Solution-Focused Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, Developmental Theory, and possibly others, to help strengthen your specific therapeutic impact. My philosophy of counseling is that solid therapeutic alliance and collaborative relationships are essential to provide a holistic based treatment where the client is seen not in pieces but as a whole individual.

I am passionate about serving the BIPOC community. I am interested in working with individuals (ages ten and up) on many issues such as low self-esteem, stress management, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and emotional problems. I am also interested in helping people build trusting and supportive relationships/interpersonal relationships and work on communication issues, grief, loss, and alcohol and drug use interfering with daily function.

I speak Swahili

I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Concordia University. I am currently completing my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at George Fox University.


I have years of experience working in residential treatment facilities as a residential counselor. My clientele includes people with chronic schizophrenia, depression disorder with suicidal ideation/attempts, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, and much more. These experiences have shaped me and helped me value the holistic counseling approach. I learned to accept, value, and treat each person with respect regardless of their diagnosis. The person is first, and a diagnosis is secondary. 

About Areale Hammond, MA

Approach to Counseling

My philosophy is that you have the capacity and experience within you to reach your goals. I understand life can get overwhelming and roadblocks may seem insurmountable. I am prepared to provide a supportive environment and clinical skills to assist you to function better with an improved sense of well-being. Clinically, I hold a wholistic and culturally competent approach with empathy at the core. I have particular interest in working with marginalized populations as systemic disparities impact mental and emotional well-being. I believe everyone is unique and will tailor treatment specific to you. It should also be noted that I am an intern and under supervision. As such, I will have a Licensed Professional Counselor/Clinical Supervisor overseeing the care I provide. I look forward to working together with you. 


I attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK for graduate school. I have a Master of Arts in Counseling. I am currently completing the remainder of my clinical hours at Anchor Within Counseling.

About Fayanna Johnson, MSW, LCSW


"I seek to serve clients from a holistic perspective. You are more than the issue you bring into the counseling office. We all have lived experiences, developmental stages, and life choices which have shaped our story.  I work to create a space where you can feel open and safe to share. Let's connect. "

Approach to Therapy

I am working from the theoretical approaches of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-Informed care, Person-Centered Theory, Family Systems Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Attachment Theory, Developmental Theories, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills. These theories are synthesized on an individual basis as it fits the needs and learning style of each client. I often offer work to do in between sessions to practice skills and further reflection.


The work we do in sessions will be based on the therapeutic relationship and establishing a confidential space. It is my goal that you feel welcome and safe to share. This will help you get the most out of our time together.

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My career path has taken me throughout the Portland Metro and Clackamas areas. I have worked as a Medical Social Worker, Home Visitor, Family Advocate, and School Social Worker. I have facilitated family learning around child development, protective factors, life skills development, and healthy relationships. I have experience with providing services and supports to individuals and couples in their homes, in the community, at court, and with community partners. I have a passing familiarity with Spanish and am currently working on fluency.


I have worked in many social service environments with youth, children, and families including: residential treatment; in-patient psychiatric care; child welfare; parenting programs; intimate partner violence education; public school tutor; case manager; life skills facilitator; developmental disabilities worker; homeless and runaway youth worker; and with victims of sexual exploitation. I have served adults, older adults, and adolescents, and children in the hospital setting by providing assessment, recommendations, and resources for addiction, psychosis, family development, mental health care, and community engagement. 

Fayanna offers the following additional services:

I am licensed by the State of Oregon as a clinical social worker (LCSW), a designation given to individuals who have completed a social work graduate degree program and subsequently completed at least 3500 hours clinical practice experience, including 2000 direct client care hours, 100 hours of supervision with a licensed professional, a minimum of 24 months of supervised work, and demonstrated knowledge of clinical practice on a national certifying exam.
This license allows me to provide mental health and behavioral services and consultation. I attended Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and completed a Masters in Social Work. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Child & Family Studies.