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Aqueelah Perez, PSS, CRM, DV Advocate

Peer Support Specialist, Certified Recovery Mentor

Domestic Violence Advocate


It is my belief that genuine connection with people will foster an environment of trust and safety for those who, too often, have been denied this in life. Because of this, I operate with a Trauma-Informed, Person- Centered, and Culturally Sensitive lens. We are not all the same and what works for one won't necessarily resonate with another. I treat each person I encounter as the individual they are, free from assumptions to allow them to be their true selves. With lived experience,
compassion, and a humble understanding, I am proof that any who desire it can shift their path to a healthier self. I often offer alternative viewpoints and recommend work for clients to consider and do between meetings that help to shift perspectives of self and the world around them, as well as
strengthen the assets they already possess.

The work done in our time together is based on the clinical and personal goals set by you and your care team. It is my hopes that you grow to feel safe to share in the space and blossom in your own time. It is a gift to journey with others, and I look forward to walking with you!

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"I'm just your regular homegirl, with a little extra up my sleeves. Living this life requires some navigational skills and I am excited to journey with you!"

My work has spanned across a wide range of person- centered work throughout Multnomah County, Oregon. I have worked in direct and indirect customer service, residential services and medical offices, as well as case management and community advocacy in the permanent supportive housing realm. I've co-authored and co-facilitated small groups for young mothers, as well as worked with youth and women's ministries within the church.

I enjoy serving my diverse community in healthy ways, helping others achieve the goals they've set forth to accomplish.


Alongside the wealth of knowledge obtained whilst traveling through my own lived experience, I completed my Peer Support and Recovery Mentor certification in the state of Oregon through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and Peer Recovery Solutions. My certification for Domestic Violence Advocacy was attained through YMCA.

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