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Multi-Cultural Therapeutic Care


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Seeking therapy or support can carry a negative stigma in some families and communities. We recognize the inherent challenges of racial minorites seeking care in the Portland-Metro area, and across Oregon. We aim to fill this gap with compassionate, culturally-specific care.

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About  Our Practice

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We provide services to individuals, families, groups, and the community with a relationship-first culture. We explore intrapersonal, generational & social influences which impact reflection of self, feelings, and behaviors.

Our holistic services are racially-informed. We hold true that Black/African, Latino, and Native populations in this country have been underserved, misdiagnosed, over-diagnosed, and overall mishandled in the mental health industry. Our care involves attention to individual, family, and community healing.

We honor experiences of faith and recognize that people may find strength, connection, and healing in communities and acts of faith. Our staff are skilled to serve people who ascribe to faith groups. 

Learn more about our individual providers on the MEET US page. 

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